Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail Hike Details

Region: Lake Mead
Difficulty: 2 / 10
Danger: 2 / 10
Class: 1
Gain: 445 feet
Distance (round trip): 7.4 miles
Hours estimated to complete: 5 hrs
Summit Coordinates: 36.0172590, -114.7745520
Elevation: 1,575 feet
Overview: All tunnels are approximately 300 ft. in length, and 25 ft in diameter. The tunnels were oversized to fit penstock sections and large equipment being transported to Hoover Dam. Nine steam and four gas locomotives and 71 people were used to operate the system. It was a standard-gauge, 90-pound rail construction that used Oregon fir ties.
Notes: The Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail consists of 5 tunnels you can walk through. The long approach to get to the first tunnel is dull and boring, as the tunnels are closer to Hoover Dam- farther east. One could feasibly park closer, but could be tricky reaching the trail. Riding a bike is a faster way to explore it and the trail is fairly flat. It is unsafe to do this in the summer as there is no water along the trail for miles and heat is intense. Tunnel 1 is 1.25 miles from the parking lot, tunnel 2 is 1.37m from parking lot, tunnel 3 is 1.64m, tunnel 4 is 1.82m, tunnel 5 is 2.04m, and Hoover Dam parking garage is 3.56 miles from the original parking lot.
Trailhead info: The Historic Railroad Trail is easily accessed either near the Alan Bible Visitor Center or via the Hoover Dam parking garage. It is an easy hike and has great panoramic views of Lake Mead, Boulder Basin, and Fortification Hill.


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